Monday, November 17, 2008

Panic time

Less than 3 days to go and I'm being asked if I'm excited. I wish I could say I am. Really, I just feel numb. I think I'm still in shock at what I've done. The truth is I'm bloody scared. If that's not enough, I was sorting and packing away old stuff today and as I stood in the middle of a room full of boxes and things with an aching back, after a whole day of non-stop activity, I almost fell into despair thinking I'll never get it all done - I'm bloomin' over it! I can't believe I've amassed so much rubbish! I'm killing myself to get it done because I want to spend my last day here just chilling out with my girlfriend. It's also starting to get emotional. The parents are sitting most nights in front of the TV, silently, except when laughing at a funny scene.

Good news on the other end: my employer has found me a place to live. So hopefully, I can go straight there after the trip and totally get unconscious for a good day, since she says there's a bed. It seems to be going okay so far. Fingers crossed...

My next post may be a while coming, depending on how quickly I can get Internet on... Not that anyone is holding their breath, but good Net manners don't hurt, do they dears? ;p